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Musical Theatre


Musical Theatre incorporates Singing, Acting and Dance.


This class will assist students on how to deliver a script/monologue, improvise in character, connect with an audience and perform on stage. Students learn the fundamental aspects; acting with a focus on physical movement and gesture, singing and choreography.  They will focus on  vocal warmup and singing techniques and learn choreography specific to the musical theatre genre.

This class will build repertoire for students to use for audition preparation as well as build confidence and etiquette in oral presentation. 

Musical Theatre repertoire students continue to work on but not limited to 

Eg Chicago, West Side Story, Annie, Hamilton, In The Heights, Moulin Rouge, & Juliet etc 

Uniform For Musical Theatre

Black Fitted Dance Attire and Tan Jazz Shoes.

Black Crop Top/Singlet/T-shirt, Black Pants/Leggings/ Shorts.

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