Kinder Dance:

Kinder Dance is avaliable to boys and girls, 3 - 5 years old. Discovering the joy of expressing themselves through movement to a variety of music within a structured class environment. Encouraging confidence, creativity, and spatial awareness including commencement of some classical ballet steps.


Pre- Primary is avaliable to boys and girls,  5 - 6 years old.The enjoyment of dance, whilst beginning to learn the discipline of classical ballet training. Commencement of barre work and structured centre phrases including emphasis on creativity and free dance/improvisation. 


Girls: Pale pink poly-cotton-lycra (PCL) leotard, regulation matching skirt, pink seamless tights and pink ballet shoes. Kinder Dance, Pre-Primary & Primary have pink elastic on their shoes.

Boys: White T-Shirt or leotard, black shorts or tights, ballet support and white ballet shoes with white socks. Black shoes for kinder dance.