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Jazz technique is fun, exciting, rewarding and essential to the development of skill and fitness for the dancer in today's dance industry.

Jazz dance brings style, personality, line, strength control to the whole body plus it is accessible to all ages and levels.

At MDT we take pride in our jazz dance classes, bringing a number of different styles of jazz to our students such as street jazz, broadway, lyrical and more.

Jazz is offered to all levels at MDT including junior, intermediate, senior, advanced and is one of the styles available as part of Certificate II in Dance (refer to VET dance page), plus performing opportunities are plentiful in this style.  

Jazz Uniform:


Fitted Dance Attire and Tan Jazz Shoes.

Girls: Leotard, Crop Top, Singlet, Leggings/ Shorts.


Boys: Singlet, Leggings, Shorts/Pants.