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Our Mission is to be at the forefront of the dance world, providing the best dance training within an environment that stimulates creativity and artistry, and allows individual talent to grow.


Melbourne Dance Theatre provides professional performance training in an environment that is positive, inspiring, encouraging and allows for the students love of dance and performing arts to grow. 


Our professional teaching faculty work with students and their individual needs. They tailor their classes to allow students to feel a sense of achievement but also to challenge them to achieve new goals.

They work with the individual dancer to help them grow and develop their confidence, technique and creativity. 


We provide classes for both the recreational and elite dancers and understand that each dancer will have their own reason for being apart of the studio in which our teaching faculty will support. 


We pride ourselves in providing an environment that allows students to grow with not only their dance training but also their personal skills and lessons that will assist whichever path they choose to follow. Each student at Melbourne Dance Theatre has the right to feel and be safe, valued and respected within our studio.  Melbourne Dance Theatre prides it self in being an inclusive environment to everybody that shall enter and train at the studio. 


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