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"Growing up in New Zealand, my journey into the world of hip hop dancing began at the age of 13. Surrounded by some of the best dancers and crews globally, I had the incredible chance to compete with them and broaden my knowledge about the world of hip hop. These experiences fueled my passion and inspired me to share my knowledge with the younger generation. Teaching hip hop to students of various ages, ranging from kids to adults, became such a rewarding experience, and my primary focus shifted to coaching and training, in order to help dancers reach and surpass their greatest potential. My method extended through to correct technique, conditioning, fitness, and mindset to provide a holistic foundation for aspiring hip hop dancers.


After winning national competitions and then entering to compete internationally in the World Hip Hop Unite Championships with some of New Zealand's best crews was one of the most memorable experiences of my dance career. These moments were not only unforgettable but also marked milestones in my career as it led me to teach workshops in places like Switzerland, strengthening my dedication to hip hop through experiences where I was able to connect with other dancers, make new dance friends around the world, and share skills globally. Now my greatest joy is in passing on the legacy of hip hop to the next generation, incorporating both the technical expertise and the passion that has shaped my own dance journey.”

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